Fuchsia | Front

  • Fuchsia Foldover Front

    Add a pop of colour to your timeless black leather bag. Italian heat is mixed with Icelandic cool, with the Italian bovine leather and Icelandic salmon leather. The bright blue, orchil and fuchsia shades are the perfect colour blocking trio for a fun yet elegant finish to your leather shopper, clutch or shoulder bag. You know, when you’re feeling a little fearless that day. Let it be the cherry on top of your fun and summery look, or add an element of stylish surprise to your office attire.

    One handcrafted Italian leather bag, ten different styles. Each Studio Gyzell bag has a forward-thinking design that lets you customise the look in just a few steps. No need to take out all your things, just alter the style and colour with interchangeable foldover front flaps.

    Each Studio Gyzell bag and foldover front is made and sourced ethically, find out more about our conscious choices.

    • L30 x H17 cm
    • Sourced and handcrafted in Europe
    • Salmon leather and bovine leather
    • To be attached on all Studio Gyzell bags
  • At the back of the bag you will find a logo metal clasp, simply click to loosen or fasten. You can slide the straps through the loops and place the foldover front on top of the bag. Attach it by folding it over and placing the two slits over the metal loops. See it in action.

How to add a foldover front

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